What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP )?

SMTP e-mail services allow you to send outgoing e-mail from your web host’s mail servers referenced with your own domain name.

example: yourname@yourdomain.com

Some scripts use it, and you can also use it with programs like Outlook. If you want to use it on your Home computer, read on for some crucial tips.

Important: Your computer communicates with the rest of the world through ports. Different ports are used for different purposes. Port 25 is used as the default port for sending mail on your computer, but more and more Internet providers are cutting off access to this port. You need to know how to change the port your computer uses to send email Configuring email settings may be different from program to program, but all email programs with this issue require a similar fix. Changing your email port from 25 to 587 should solve your email issue. If you change your port to 587 and your mail still does not work, contact your ISP for the proper port for SMTP mail.

Although you can easily specify your own domain name within your mail program, many Internet Service Providers (ISP) require you to send e-mail messages with the From address showing your_userID@your_ISP.net. This helps to prevent unauthorized “spammers” from using their mail servers. However, this looks unprofessional, especially when you are responding to e-mail sent to your domain. Most web hosts give you the ability to send e-mail with the From address showing your_name@forexample-domain.com.

Replace forexample-domain.com with your domain name.

In order to use this feature with your web host, you will need to configure your e-mail program to use your host’s mail server referenced with your domain name. In the configuration options of your e-mail program, specify smtp.forexample-domain.com instead of the SMTP address given to you by your ISP. Also specify your_name@forexample-domain.com as your return address or reply-to address in place of the e-mail address given to you by your ISP.

Because of ISP anti-spam policies, some ISPs may not allow you to use your own SMTP address. Be sure to check with your ISP first to make sure that the use of other SMTP addresses are allowed on your ISP’s network space.

In order to prevent unauthorized users from using mail servers to send their “spam”, web hosts have set up a method that allows only authorized customers to send e-mail through their mail servers. For more information, check your web hosts FAQ.


WebHostingHub Review – A Real Story Behind the Curtains

WebHostingHub Review

WebHostingHub is a full service Web Hosting company based outside of Virgina Beach, in a high-tech area with fellow employers such as Novell. Established in 2001, WebHostingHub has become a leader in the Web hosting industry through a commitment to service and customers.

They offer Linux and Windows Web hosting platforms, domain registration, Email, and Ecommerce capability. The company has reputable partnerships with a variety of Web site designers, merchant gateways and merchant account companies to assist customers with all of their Internet presence building needs.

A basic Web hosting package starts at $9.95 per month and includes a generous amount of email, data storage, and data transfer. Each plan consists of a Web site control panel, site creation software that includes free pre-designed templates, experienced toll free technical support, virus protection, SpamGuard, site analysis tool, and full-featured Web-based email.

You get access to a superior infrastructure, which provides premium speed and reliability to over 7,500 Web hosted domains in the United States and abroad. WebHostingHub is also the exclusive Web hosting provider for an organization of over 50 independent ISPs.
WebHostingHub isn’t the biggest hosting company, but the company has earned a loyal following of Web site owners through a combination of affordable Web hosting technology and quick, reliable customer support. It has grown significantly due to referrals, webmasters, and resellers. Five basic principles that have aided their success over the last eight years are outlined below.

Deliver reliable service

A Web site is an investment and according to a review, WebHostingHub protects its customers’ investments by offering a fast network, designed for 100% uptime. Technicians have a combined 20+ years of computer expertise brought to every infrastructure decision and system design element.

Keep the price right

Through system automation and by hiring the right employees, WebHostingHub has kept operations streamlined in order to keep the price below most major competitors. Many customers have returned to them after receiving poor or unprofessional service at the “discount” hosts. Prices, plans and disk space, bandwidth, and other features are at a point that allows customers to receive an incomparable level of service. There aren’t many markets where the cheapest is also the best and web hosting is no exception.

Empower employees

WebHostingHub’ technical support and billing representatives are highly-trained, college-educated and given permission to ‘do what it takes’ to make situations right. Employees are sympathetic and highly-motivated to resolve issues fairly. Customers feel appreciated, which is the primary reason word-of-mouth growth has been so significant in the company’s success.

Support customers conveniently

Help at WebHostingHub is available around the clock, seven days a week. Customers may find an answer easily within a comprehensive support knowledge base, receive a reply to an email within 4-5 hours, or will receive a qualified technician by phone without long wait times.

Be fair

WebHostingHub has learned that the best way to grow is to balance emerging technologies with solid service. It doesn’t offer 10 GB of disk space and 1000GB of bandwidth for $4 like some of the other Web hosts. In order to do that, they would have to make the same sacrifices they make in their level of service; put too many sites on a server, oversell bandwidth, force customers to talk to a different customer support agent every time a customer calls (if support is even offered) – these aren’t WebHostingHub’ core values.

They have taken the years of experience in this industry and balanced it with prevailing technologies to give a fairly priced plan – not a gimmick pricing scheme that apparently offers something for nothing.

WebHostingHub offers fast, reliable performance, responsive technical support, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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