Where do I put the index.html file?

If you haven’t downloaded an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program, please do so and download Filezilla.

The home directory differs host by host, but it is usally the “publichtml” one. This is the place to put index.html to.

Make sure you do NOT put the file into one of the folders you see there – put it UNDER those folders. Also put all your pictures and other files for you site in this same directory or if you are sure you know how to reference them in html, you may place them in an images folder.

CHMOD How do I set permissions?

What is chmod?

Chmod means to give files or folders permissions. Unix requires it in granting access to read write or execute in a folder or file namely the cgi’s and perl scripts.

The easiest way to give a file permission is to use WS_FTP as outlined in the FTP section of this knowledge base to do it. You can also use control panels like cPanel. We prefer most to use WS_FTP for this function. All you need to do is highlight the file or folder on the server, rightclick, choose chmod(unix), and then check the appropriate check boxes.

read = 4
write = 2
execute = 1

That’s a total of 7. Now you just need to check the boxes. But wait, there are three groups! Owner, Group, and Other, for a total of 777. So when a script says give me chmod 755 we’re checking all the boxes for Owner, and the read and execute boxes for Group and Other.
Pretty easy eh? Its just a numbers racket. :-)