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Who can Help me Promote my Website?

Who can Help me Promote my Website?

After making sure that your pages are optimized with proper keywords and meta tags you can contact any of the more known SEO companies. You can test drive them and see if their marketing efforts are something that bring you results. If not, look for a new one. If you need professional help we recommend to […]

Who can REGISTER or help me TRANSFER my domain?

Who can REGISTER or help me TRANSFER my domain?

Any web host can register domain names for you if it has not been purchased any where else. The cost is anywhere from 8 to 25 USD for 1 year and 15+USD for 2 years. Excluding any existing free domain name special which may be happening, in which case your domain name that you have chosen […]

Can I stack or park domains?

Yes, you can do it with most of the web hosts. Either parking or stacking will bring up your main sites web page unless you place in Java redirection code to have the domain answer a directory on your server. Please go to the utilities section of the website to request your stack. The first […]

What is FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol, an internet protocol used to transfer materials over the Internet. It is very fast, very efficient, and very reliable.

Can I have a vanity domain like http://whatever.mydomain.com?

Sometimes these are called sub domains or vanity domains Most paid web hosts don’t support this. All the new servers on the system support the wildcard dns needed to run sub domaining scripts. You are free to install your own script/scripts or have your host install one for you to make use of such urls on your […]

What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP )?

SMTP e-mail services allow you to send outgoing e-mail from your web host’s mail servers referenced with your own domain name. example: yourname@yourdomain.com Some scripts use it, and you can also use it with programs like Outlook. If you want to use it on your Home computer, read on for some crucial tips. Important: Your computer communicates with the […]

WebHostingHub Review

WebHostingHub Review – A Real Story Behind the Curtains

WebHostingHub is a full service Web Hosting company based outside of Virgina Beach, in a high-tech area with fellow employers such as Novell. Established in 2001, WebHostingHub has become a leader in the Web hosting industry through a commitment to service and customers. They offer Linux and Windows Web hosting platforms, domain registration, Email, and […]

Welcome to Lirhost!

Dear Visitor, welcome to the relaunched and redesigned Lirhost. This is just a quick message to tell you that we are working on the website. There is not much you can find on it at the moment. As soon as it’s fully operational, you will find delightful post about web hosting, design and just generally […]

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